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鹿特丹Rotterdam代理 进出口货运

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Please understand that we cannot see your shipment routing without a quote or booking reference number. Then before requesting an ocean freight carrier's perspective agent contact information, you should obtain a quote or booking reference number on our website.

Also remember that depending on your destination country customs regulations, a part of or all destination charges may be required to be paid at a port of entry, but not at the place of delivery, as stated in your bill of lading. In this case, cargo will continue traveling to the place of delivery cleared with customs. Otherwise, it may be transferred to the final destination in bond and required to be cleared with customs at a bonded freight terminal (destination CFS) at the place of delivery.

Sometimes destination charges may be divided by separate invoices related to particular parties involved in import recovery.

What can we suggest if you will experience problems with the recovery of your goods at the destination?: How would a freight forwarder help with international shipping”

“Freight Forwarders normally understand documentation requirements and other formalities required when exporting and importing International Freight”

“What Documents do we need for Freight Forwarding”

“Call CargoMaster about documentation requirements. All countries are requirements are different. The most basic documentation required is a packing list, invoice and airway bill or seaway bill.”

“Who is the best freight forwarder”

“Australia’s most trusted and popular Freight Forwarder is CargoMaster. CargoMaster offers over 30 years’ experience in the Freight Forwarding industry.”

“What does a freight forwarder do”

“Freight Forwarders organise the smooth transportation of commodities around the world. Freight Forwarders like CargoMaster will look after all aspects of the transportation of cargo including the preparation and presentation of documentation, both in Australia and overseas. CargoMaster will ensure your goods are moved quickly, safely and cost effectively”




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