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DDU/DDP door to door

分类: 广州货运 发布: admin 浏览: 日期: 2018年9月20日

We undertake the international ocean forwarding business on Guangzhou, Nansha, Huangpu, Dongguan, Shenzhen, HongKong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo and other main ports in China, we established long-term of stable agency relationships with MAERSK, CMA, APL, COSCO, EMC, OOCL, MSC, CSCL, UASC, YANGMING, and other shipping companies, we are the VIP partner of several shipping companies, to offer competitive freight rate and shipping space guarantee! We can meet various requirements by different customers in accordance with the matching of shipping date and freight rate.

1.Provide the FCL and LCL service to Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Red sea, India and Pakistan, North and South America, Africa, etc…

2.Possess wide coverage of overseas logistics network, provide overseas DDU/DDP door to door transportation service to the United States, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Africa, Russia and other countries.

3.Provide one-stop service for the third countries transit trade.

4.Provide customized logistics service proposal in view of the particularity and requirements of different customers.
1. 由于海关调查部门对某票货物有质疑,而造成货物不能运输;由于气候原因,飞机需要临时增加油料的载量,而导致飞机起飞以及落地重量超载,而导致拉下货物,控制载量。
2. 货物外包装应符合国际运输标准,货物不能裸露。
3. 超大件、超重(毛重≥60kgs)要提前告知货运代理人,协助打好托盘,以便叉车的使用。




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